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Albania in a leading position for renewable energy in Europe

TIRANA, January 18/ATA/ The report of the European Union Statistics Office (EUROSTAT) ranks Albania third, after Sweden and Finland, for the consumption of energy derived from renewable sources, leaving behind all other EU countries.

The report shows that the gross consumption of energy generated from renewable sources for 2022 in Albania was 44%.

Deputy Prime Minister, at the same time Minister of Infrastructure and Energy Belinda Balluku appreciated this an excellent indicator of the strategy pursued so far and a clear guide for the way forward.

“Albania in a leading position in Europe for renewable energy. We have exceeded the European objectives, thus ranking among the first countries. An excellent indicator of the strategy pursued so far and a clear guide of the way forward”, she stated in a post in the social media.

The indicator refers to the ratio of energy consumption derived from renewable sources against the total energy consumption (electricity, fuels, etc.).

The use of renewable energy has many benefits, including a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, diversification of energy supplies, and a reduction in dependence on fossil fuel (oil and gas) markets.

The growth of renewable energy sources can also stimulate employment in the EU, through the creation of jobs in new “green” technologies.

Renewable energy sources include wind energy, solar energy (thermal, photovoltaic and concentrated), hydropower, geo-thermal energy, bio-fuels and the renewable fraction of waste.