The transition period ends: From today, the euro is the only currency for transactions in Kosovo

The transitional period of the Central Bank of Kosovo regarding the issue of the dinar ended on Saturday, while from today, measures will be taken against all those who use currencies other than the euro for cash transactions in Kosovo.

Saturday was the last day of the Central Bank’s transition period for the dinar issue. Within this period, no punitive measures were imposed, but information was provided to citizens about the implementation of the regulation on cash payments. Meanwhile, commercial banks operating in Kosovo have been instructed to open new branches in the north. After May 12, all cash transactions anywhere in Kosovo must be done in euros.

“Other non-euro currencies can be used in the Republic of Kosovo as value for storage in physical form or in bank accounts in non-euro currencies, for making international payments in non-euro currencies and for foreign exchange activities”, it is quoted in the CBK regulation” reports RTK.

The implementation of the regulation, especially in the north of the country, is estimated to be challenging. Prime Minister Albin Kurti, asked a few days ago about the end of the transitional phase, reiterated that the Central Bank is the one that decides on such issues, not the executive.