The project for “George Bush” square, Rama: I understand the frustrations of the citizens

The Mayor of Prishtina, Përparim Rama, today presented the project for the transformation of “George Bush” square and its connection with other public spaces. He said that the idea of this investment is not only a linear design, but so that the squares are as accessible and safe as possible for each age.

Rama emphasized that he understands the citizens who are frustrated about these works, for which he adds that what they are doing is the solution, but according to him, investments take time. He added that it will take about eight years to make the total transformation of the capital.

Rama emphasized that as part of the works, the asphalt elements that are not environmental will be removed, adding that they will be transformed with green elements.

In addition to these, the mayor of the capital, Përparim Rama, said that they plan to remove the walls surrounding the “Mother Teresa” Cathedral, so that it is not seen as an infringement of free movement and is open to all citizens.

During the presentation of the project, the mayor of the capital gave details on how the transformation of “George Bush” square will be done. He said that this project “is not only a linear design of a space from the Grand Hotel to the Cathedral, but it is a concept that also connects other public spaces”.

The director of Urbanism, Arbër Sadiki, also spoke about this project, saying that this project has been in the vision since the 70s, when the university campus was built.

Sadiki said that they are not inventing something with this idea, for which he said that he is not aware of any other capital in the world where the rectory, library and other institutions are not connected with squares and pedestrians.

On the other hand, the “Neighborhood Watchers” website has warned of a protest for Sunday.

The reason for this is precisely the closure of “George Bush” street, which according to them, has caused traffic problems and long queues. In addition, Rama added that they are working on the construction of “Road A” and that leads to Veternik, which connects New Prishtina with Calabria.

Rama also spoke about the works in the inner ring of the capital, while he said that all the works are being done with the aim of improving the lives of citizens and avoiding traffic.

He said that in addition to the process of building five schools now, it is planned to build five more. In the end, Rama said that this project will be presented to the citizens so that they understand the purpose and every detail about the works.