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Finiq archaeological park, one of most interesting tourist attractions

TIRANA, May 12 /ATA/ – The Archeological Park of Finiq is an important cultural tourism destination attracting a growing number of both by local and foreign visitors and it value increases with the continued finds by various archaeological expeditions.

The city of Phoenice or otherwise known as the ancient city of Phoenike, today Finiq, was founded in the fifth century BC. The ruins of the ancient settlement are located on top of a hill overlooking the southern Albanian towns of Saranda and Delvina.

This once prominent city, now in its silent ruinous state, offers a unique window into the past, inviting visitors on a journey to explore the stories and civilizations that once thrived there.

In the wake of disintegration of the kingdom of Epirus, the ancient city of Finiq played a crucial role and the peace agreement between Macedonia and Rome was signed there.

Polybius, one of the most important ancient Greek historians and writers, described Finiq as the most fortified cities in entire kingdom of Epirus.

This once flourishing city of the ancient world, nestled among lush greenery and rugged landscapes, offers a captivating journey into history and culture.

Today, the ruins of Finiq stand as a proud testament to its glorious past. Visitors can wander through the ruins of ancient walls, public buildings, dwellings and an impressive theater. Each structure