The European Judo can take place in Kosovo again

Winning the right for Kosovo to organize the 2030 Mediterranean Games was the culmination of the development of our sport during 2023. The Olympic Games and the European Sports Platform, the two major events of this year.

The President of the Kosovo Olympic Committee, Ismet Krasniqi, told KosovaPress that through the dedication and investments that must be made in these games, Kosovo and its institutions have proven that they are ready to give sports the appropriate support, even with direct investments, such as the figure of over 250 million euros for the construction and renovation of sports infrastructure.

Moreover, last year was characterized by the organization of many international sports events, but according to Krasniqi, this number of these events could be even greater if the infrastructural conditions in the country improve.

One of the biggest events that took place in Kosovo was the European Judo Championship, but Krasniqi reveals that this championship can be organized again in our country.

While evaluating the work done by the sports federations, Krasniqi focuses on that of Judo, which he says is at a higher level than other federations.

As for the year 2024, the head of the KOC has said that the greatest attention will be on two very important events.

While, according to Krasniqi, special attention during the year 2024 will be devoted to the massification of sports throughout Kosovo, but also to the ever-greater support of young athletes.