Babes-Bolyai University to become hub for dual higher education in Romania

The Babes-Bolyai University (UBB) in center-western Cluj-Napoca becomes a hub for dual higher education in Romania, within projects worth 63 million euros, according to a press release sent to AGERPRES on Friday.

This is about three projects for the establishment of dual campuses, which the Ministry of Education announced that it will finance, in Resita – a project coordinated by the Resita Municipality, which offered the land, in Sfantu Gheorghe – project coordinated by the Municipality of Sfantu Gheorghe, which provided the land, and in Cluj-Napoca – project coordinated by USAMV, which provided the land.

Each of these campuses will be supported with approximately 21 million euros, the projects aiming at the realization of some constructions (classrooms/laboratories with high-performance equipment/accommodation areas/canteen/recreation areas, etc.), equipment and human resource training for dual education dedicated to pupils and students.

“As a global university, UBB does not have dual education as a key element in its academic architecture, but it is an important additional and complementary development that we undertook starting from strong prerequisites in UBB (top specializations that also lend themselves to education dual or the relationship with it) and in the context of new national and European policies. If in Cluj-Napoca the involvement of UBB in dual education is more additional and complementary to the main “world-class” academic approach, in its own extensions the involvement, following discussions with local authorities, it is a completely strategic one, along the lines of emerging industries/engineering/technology/sustainable tourism (mainly, but not only) in Resita and along the lines of hospitality services/health/emerging industries (mainly, but not only) at Sfantu Gheorghe. Surely the developments will be extremely important for Resita and Sfantu Gheorghe, UBB also honoring its academic mission assumed there and thus completing its “world-class” academic profile in extensions with a dual, additional and complementary component, important in today’s world. I hope that we can rationally coordinate these campuses with others in the region, for a cumulative and complementary development,” said the rector of UBB, professor Daniel David, according to the quoted source.