Civic courage, honored at Royal Palace; AGERPRES journalist Cristian Lupascu – among laureates

The Custodian of the Crown, Margareta and the Prince Consort hosted, on Tuesday evening, in the State Dining Room of the Royal Palace, an evening dedicated to Civic Courage, with the writer Andrei Plesu, the ambassador Simona Miculescu and the AGERPRES journalist Cristian Lupascu (Кристиян Лупшаку) being among those who received the honorary recognition.

The royal evening was dedicated to those people who demonstrated civic courage by successfully carrying out the profession they do, but also to leading organizations from Romania and the Republic of Moldova, which inspire the respect of society through their tireless involvement in the good of the community.

“Her Majesty and I are overjoyed to host, for the second time, the evening dedicated to Civic Courage. The Royal Palace in the Capital therefore shows for the second time proof of understanding and admiration towards that part of the personalities of Romanian society that is characterized through courage, modesty and professionalism, humanity, understanding of those around you, patriotism and, often, anonymity,” said His Royal Highness Prince Radu.

HRH Radu praised that “number of Romanians, from the country or from the Republic of Moldova, who every year put their profession to the test, sometimes risking their lives and all their faith, to help their fellow men”.

Her Majesty Margareta and Prince Radu thus offered the honorary recognition to those who distinguished themselves either through courage in risky situations, or through humanitarian support given to those in difficulty, or through civility in innovative educational and cultural acts or by promoting the identity values of Romania. Also, representatives of some life-saving organizations were honored.

In the ‘Journalism in conflict zones and in risk situations’ category, the example of AGERPRES journalist Cristian Lupascu was also honored, having been participant in missions in Afghanistan, alongside the Romanian troops deployed in Kandahar and in a mission of the Romanian Air Force in Mali, from where he provided information to the public in Romania.

In Ukraine, he carried out hundreds of war reports, including from the hot zones, considering that the war journalist is a professional who takes risks in the interest of the truth and correct information.