The debut in the international arena for our para-athletes, the IPC president: It is an honor for us to see the Kosovo flag there

The president of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), Andrew Parsons, held a press conference today together with the president of the Kosovo Paralympic Committee (KPC), Njomza Emini.

During this conference, the visit of President Parsons to Kosovo was discussed, as well as the debut of our para-athletes in the international arena, respectively at the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games, reports KosovaPress.

The President of the Kosovo Paralympic Committee (KPC), Njomza Emini said that the visit of President Parsons to Kosovo is a clear signal of support as well as a message to everyone in the world that we are equal and deserve such treatment.

Meanwhile, the president of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), Andrew Parsons expressed his pride with what he saw in Kosovo, while he said that sport is an area of society where athletes are given the opportunity to shine.

“I’m here to offer my support institutionally, but also to understand exactly what we can do a better job of building capacity. The international committee is a very powerful organization both from a technical point of view but also how we can also support the rise of various sports here. Very productive, I am quite proud of what I have seen here. One thing that is important to mention while we are in this press conference is that it is quite important that the athletes win gold, bronze, and silver medals, but the Paralympic Committee’s vision is to use parasport to make a more inclusive world. The Olympic Games and the Movement is a platform, a platform to change people’s minds, the reality of the world when it comes to diversity and inclusion of people with disabilities… Sports is a way to show the world that if they have an opportunity they can do whatever they want, whether it’s their work, their talent, or whether they play sports, or whatever other areas of society, they can shine if they are given the opportunity to be treated as first-class citizens, not second-class, or any other citizen”, said Parsons.

Kosovo will participate for the first time in the Paralympic Games, where it will represented this year by two athletes in Paris 2024. The president of IPS, Parsons, expressed his happiness that he will see the Kosovo flag at the opening ceremony on August 28 of this year on the Champs-Elysees and Place de la Concorde.

The President of the IPC, Andrew Parsons, has been in Kosovo since March 17, where until today he has held meetings with the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, Speaker of the Assembly Glauk Konjufca, and the Minister of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, whereas together with the President of KPC, Njomza Eminin opened the boccia, goalball and judo competitions, in a wonderful atmosphere, in the sports hall of the Palace of Youth.