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Tatjana Miljovska’s ‘Eternal Feminine (Shakti)’ exhibition opens

Tatjana Miljovska’s solo exhibition “The Eternal Feminine (Shakti),” pointing to patriarchy and religion as the root causes of women’s inequality.

According to organizers in a press release, the artist depicts “the eternal feminine as wisdom, spiritual strength, harmony,” despite patriarchal structures considering “compassion, empathy, emotionality, sensitivity, sympathy, and trust as weaknesses.”

“To rediscover these neglected virtues and value them anew, we need to explore the eternal feminine,” Miljovska is cited in the press release.

“Gentle attitude towards nature, admiration for its beauty, concern for others, for the world, for the planet, for the next generations, are renewed and made current through radical ecologies: ecofeminism, deep ecology and social ecology.”

The paintings in the series were created from 2014 to 2015.

Tatjana Miljovska (b. 1966 in Bitola) holds an M.A. in Painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje and a Ph.D. in Cultural Studies from the state university’s Institute of Macedonian Literature. She has had numerous solo exhibitions, including “Tower on the Bridge” (1996); “Inner Sun” (2003); “My Lake” (2009); “Sublime Beauty” (2011)”; and “The Spiritual in Abstract Painting” (2023).

She has published more than 150 writings on art, ecology, aesthetics, spirituality as well as criticism of local political developments and other culture-related topics.

Miljovska has also participated in international scholarly conferences, with her last published research papers being “Environmental Aesthetics: A Sketch for Aesthetic Appreciation of Prespa” in Context no. 26 (IML, 2022) and “Ecoculture, Ethics of Care, and United Actions to Save the Planet and Society”.