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Narta lagoon, an oasis of migratory birds

Bird-watching tourism is attracting more and more visitors to protected areas in Albania.

This kind of tourism is a good opportunity to bring people closer to birds and show them what characteristics and values each bird has.

The Administration of the Protected Areas in Vlora has developed bird watching in the Narta lagoon so that to get acquainted more closely with the current situation.

“The Narta lagoon is an oasis of waterfowl, which creates habitats quite suitable for the winter period and a large number of migratory birds have begun to populate the lagoon”, emphasized the National Agency of Protected Areas.

The bird watching tourism is already turning into a real tourist movement for our country, as well.

This lagoon represents a territory with a variety of birds. These birds find there a perfect habitat for nesting or wintering. This lagoon, a key part of the eastern Adriatic migration corridor, constitutes one of the most important wetland ecosystems in Albania.

This territory supports a considerable number of birds, many of which are listed in the European bird directive.