Subsidizing efficient heating equipment; a key role in saving electricity

The Ministry of Economy has launched a call for subsidizing efficient heating equipment. Minister Artane Rizvanolli said that investments of this magnitude are key for the strategy to increase energy efficiency in the housing sector. According to her, families who invested in these devices last year saved an average of 40 percent on their electricity bills. Further, she promised that a record amount of 30 million euros is being invested for citizens in electricity efficiency.

In continuation of these measures, Rizvanolli announced the launch of the third call subsidizing investments in efficient heating equipment.

According to her, last year Kosovar families consumed an average of 4 percent less electricity compared to the previous year. The Minister of Economy announced that there were more than two thousand applications for the measure for the insulation of houses.

From the EU Office in Kosovo, Alessandro Bianciardi said that the new measures will enable the saving of electricity, where many families in need will benefit from these measures of the Ministry of Economy.

Furthermore, Minister Rizvanoli said that this year the implementation of the energy efficiency program in the residential sector has begun, which amounts to 10 million euros.

She said that investments in energy efficiency programs are made thanks to the financial support of the European Commission, within the emergency package for energy.

The Minister of Economy said that they are working to increase the capacity for electricity supply, as they are working on the modernization of the turbines of the “Kosova B” thermal power plant, where she said that it is planned to increase the capacity by 30 megawatts in the next two years.

The call for subsidies for efficient heating equipment will be open on the “eKosova” platform from today.