Slovenia prolonging border control with Croatia, Hungary

The Slovenian government on Thursday prolonged until 21 December control on its borders with Croatia and Hungary with the aim to prevent terrorism, extremism and cross-border crime, it said after a session.

Slovenia reintroduced police checks on its Schengen borders on 21 October after Italy did the same on its border with Slovenia, explaining it with danger to public order and internal security, that is increased risk of terrorist attacks due to the situation in the Middle East and Ukraine.

Interior Minister Bostjan Poklukar said recently that Slovenia planned to prolong the border control on 21 December for another six months due to a medium risk of terrorism in Slovenia and a high risk of terrorism in the EU.

The government is now prolonging border control until 21 December under Article 28 of the Schengen Borders Code, which allows border control for two months. After that, Slovenia would prolong border control under articles 25 and 27, which allow it for six months.