Shows, exhibitions and religious ceremonies, on the occasion of Dobrogea Day

The far eastern Tulcea County Council organizes next week several events marking the 145th anniversary of Dobrogea’s return to Romania, the events being scheduled to start on Monday, November 13.

“Queen Maria – tastes and royal atmosphere” is the exhibition initiated by the Museum of History and Archaeology of the Gavrila Simion Eco-Museum Research Institute in Tulcea (ICEM) in partnership with Bran National Museum whose opening will take place on Monday, at 15:00.

“The event brings to the fore the portrait of Queen Maria, from whose passing into eternity we commemorate, in 2023, 85 years. (…) The exhibition can be visited between November 13, 2023 and May 26, 2024, at the headquarters of the Museum of History and Archaeology Tulcea in Independence Monument Park, from Tuesday to Sunday, between 08:00 and 16:00,” ICEM said in a press release on Friday.

Also on Monday, at 11:00, Panait Cerna County Library will host an activity dubbed “Living Library”, during which the most beautiful life stories of respected adults from the local community will be shared with students.

On Tuesday, Dobrogea Day, at 10:00, at the Independence Monument, a military and religious ceremony will unfold, and at 14:00, at the Jean Bart Theater will take place the show “November 14 – Dobrogea Day”. Access to the show is free, within the limits of available seats and based on invitations that can be picked up from the cashier of the Jean Bart Theatre.

Dobrogea Day celebrates November 14, 1878, when Romanian troops crossed the Danube and landed at Tulcea, marking the beginning of the military action of the Romanian Principalities as an ally of the Russian Empire against the Ottoman Empire in the War of Independence.

Dobrogea Day is celebrated by a law that has been in force since 2015.