ANA-MPA & Spain’s EFE sign collaboration agreement

A collaboration agreement was signed on Thursday in Thessaloniki between Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA-MPA) and Spain’s news agency EFE.

It was signed by ANA-MPA President & Director General Aimilios Perdikaris and EFE’s Head of International Relations Cristina Ozaeta Heusel.

Commenting, Perdikaris noted that it is one of the most important agreements signed recently by the Greek news agency.

Firstly, it “confirms our extroversion and willingness to cooperate with other regional and international news agencies, especially so at a time when alliances are crucial in the fight against disinformation”, he noted.

Secondly, the agreement “strengthens the ties between our two countries, and thirdly it opens new avenues for Greece’s voice to reach beyond Spain to Latin America – where EFE plays a very important role.”

ANA-MPA is therefore “undertaking the task of increasing the news information available to Spaniards and all Spanish-speakers in Greece with EFE as its source.”

After all, added Perdikaris, “we aspire for our collaboration to grow into broader common actions and shared interests, such as raising public awareness of climate change and its consequences experienced by Mediterranean countries.”

In her part, Cristina Ozaeta Heusel conveyed the message of EFE’s President Gabriela Cañas, that the signing of this agreement is one more significant step in strengthening the ties between Spain and Greece.

Synergies among news agencies is increasing globally, according to Cañas, who added that this happens at a time when disinformation spreads also via social media.

While this agreement is expected to facilitate a greater exchange of news between the two countries, it is only the first step in a broader collaboration, added the EFE president.