Senate includes pain therapy among patients’ rights

The Senate passed on Monday the legislative proposal by which pain therapy is included in the category of patients’ rights.

The bill to amend and supplement Law 95/2006 on health reform, initiated by a group of parliamentarians predominantly PNL and PSD, defines medical services for pain therapy as the set of medical services for diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of patients of all ages, children or adults with acute or chronic pain, aiming to improve their quality of life by controlling or eliminating pain.

Through this normative act, the right to medical services for pain therapy is included in the set of rights of the insured within the social health insurance, along with the right to medical services for the cure of the disease, for the prevention of complications and for recovery.

The normative act also stipulates that the Ministry of Health, the other ministries and institutions with their own health network and the Ministry of Education draw up the strategy on professional training in pain management of professionals and the strategy regarding the education of patients for the prevention and therapy of pain.

The legislative proposal will be debated by the Chamber of Deputies, the decision-making body in this case.