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Foreign tourists, rafting on Drini River

TIRANA, May 4/ATA/ During the recent years, Dibra has become one of the favorite destinations of local and foreign tourists passionate about nature and adventure sports.

Deputy Prime Minister, at the same time the Minister of Infrastructure and Energy and the political leader of Dibra region Belinda Balluku shared in the social media photos from the Drini River, where there is practiced the beautiful sport of rafting and from the mountains of Zimuri where paragliding enthusiasts practice it while enjoying the amazing views.

“Tourists from different countries have arrived for rafting on the Drini River. But not far from there, in the mountains of Zimuri, there are those who want more adrenaline through paragliding”, said Balluku.

The holiday-makers and tourists who choose to visit Dibra have one more opportunity for tourism, as the Drini River with its picturesque valley offers good opportunities for rafting, paving the way for the development of adventure tourism in a new tourist destination.

The Drini is one of the longest rivers in Albania and one of the attractive destinations of our country for water sports enthusiasts. The canyons of Drin and the diversity of the river’s flow are fantastic for the adventure sport of rafting.

In Dibra, you can also visit the objects of cultural and historical heritage, such as Vasha Bridge. The bridge was built at the beginning of the 19th century with river stones, 11 meters long and 2.8 meters wide. But, there are also objects of the cult, one of which is the Saint Miter Church built in 1892, declared a ‘Cultural Monument’ in 2007.

Tourists have the opportunity to explore destinations such as; Grama, Korabi, Lura, Seta Canyons, Sopanika waterfall, Grezhdan Castle, the old churches of Kirçisht and the stone village of Rabdisht.