DNSC launches project intended to create new cyber security skills for society and economy

The National Cyber Security Directorate (DNSC) announces the start of the project “Creating new cyber security skills for society and the economy”, funded through the National Recovery and Resilience Plan – Investment /15, Component C7, Pillar II – Digital transformation.

The general purpose of the project is the creation of new cyber security skills for society and the economy, with the aim of supporting the development of cyber security skills in pupils and students, as well as in public and private actors.

The specific activities carried out under the project will lead to: the development and evaluation by DNSC of a national cyber security curriculum at pre-university and university level; providing cyber security training to 5,000 pre-university and university-level teachers (“train the trainer”), with the organization of a dedicated specialized laboratory in each county, including in the sectors of Bucharest City; the certification of cyber security training and professional training service providers specifically for graduates and students (from Romania and the European Union), including running pilot programs; assessing, documenting and monitoring the maturity level in terms of cyber security (operational, technology, skills) for 1,000 key economic and public administration actors (including companies, SMEs, schools, hospitals, central and local public administration bodies); the creation and delivery of a “set of government tools and services” to increase the level of cyber security maturity of the 1,000 identified key actors.

The beneficiaries of the project’s results are pre-university and university-level teaching personnel who will go through training/professional formation sessions in the field of cyber security, cyber security specialists, graduates and students, the public administration, economic entities, non-governmental organizations. The project’s starting date is December 27, 2022, and its completion date is July 26, 2026.