Romania’s media market passes EUR 700m mark in 2023 (analysis)

Romania’s media market reached an estimated net worth of EUR 701 million in 2023, up 6.5% from 2022, according to findings of a recent specialist analysis published on Monday.

Estimates for the current year, made by Media Fact Book, show that the local media market will continue to grow, up to EUR 762 million, with a significant increase for TV (+10%) and OOH (+10%), and a moderate increase for Digital (+7%) and Radio (+7%). On the other hand, the Print segment will decrease by 10%.

According to the report, in 2023, digital continued its growth (+8% vs. 2022) to EUR 252 million euros, or 36% of the total media market.

TV audiences also recorded a more moderate decline and closed the previous year on minus 4%, as against 2022, a decline offset by strong performances in the last quarter, which balanced a weaker start to the year. The net value of the TV market remained constant at EUR 368 million (52% of the total media market).

News channels increased their penetration, especially in the mature demographic with medium and high social status. They brought to the fore global events, such as the developments of the conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East, and the anticipated preparations of political parties for the 2024 elections, while television remained the center of attraction with major sporting events, talent shows and popular series.

As for the OOH market, it continued to consolidate, posting a growth of 12%, with revenues of EUR 41 million, which is 6% of the total media market in Romania. In 2024, it an increase of 10% is expected up to an estimated total of EUR 45.6 million.

At the same time, radio stations in 2023 attracted the audience with various programmes of music, entertainment and current affairs such as sustainability and education, which led to a 10% jump in the radio advertising market, y-o-y, to an estimated total net worth of EUR 35 million. Media Fact Book expects a 7% growth of the market, to approximately EUR 37.5 million.

In 2023, the print market shrank by 11% from 2022, to EUR 5 million, and captured less than 1% of the media market’s share. In 2024, the negative trend should continue to an estimated 10% from 2023, and a total market value of EUR 4.5 million.