Majko: Time is working for the Albanians

The former prime minister of the Republic of Albania, Pandeli Majko, has stated that Kosovo’s membership in NATO and the Council of Europe may have a formal delay in terms of expectations.

According to him, it’s just a matter of countdown, not how, but now the only question is when.

Meanwhile, regarding the security of Kosovo, Majko stated that there are two circumstances why Kosovo is safe, the presence of NATO, but he also quotes his earlier words when he was Prime Minister of Albania “If you touch Kosovo, you will touch Albania too”.

Majko told KosovaPress that Kosovo is currently the most discussed country in the region internationally, with an observation and publicity that other countries would envy.

Whereas, regarding political and economic cooperation between Albania and Kosovo, Majko thinks that cooperation is being developed in all spheres, but information on the way of cooperation is often missing.

He said that Kosovo is safer in terms of threats from Serbia than Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Also, regarding the achievements of Kosovo during the 25 years of freedom, he emphasized that he does not see them as external.

According to him, even though there are two states, the border remains only a moment of international law, but not of spiritual law.

Asked if he has any message for the citizens of Kosovo, he replied that “brother does not give message to brother; they understand each other without saying it”.