Romanian Parliament to consider resolution on European perspectives of Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, Western Balkans

The Romanian Parliament will debate and pass a resolution regarding the European perspectives of Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia and the Western Balkans at a future plenary sitting.

A decision in that sense was approved on Monday at a joint sitting of the standing bureaus. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has agreed on the text of the draft.

Under its resolution, the Romanian Parliament reiterates its full support for the advancement of the European integration of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia. At the same time, it supports the adoption of a positive decision by the European Council regarding the opening of EU accession negotiations with Moldova and Ukraine taking into account the “clear and substantial efforts and progress made by the two countries with the implementation of EC recommendations,” as well as the European Union’s commitment to supporting these countries in their European process.

The Romanian Parliament calls for the continuation of European support for the advancement of Georgia’s European journey, including by granting the status of a candidate state for accession, taking into account the clear pro-European orientation of the country’s citizens. It also encourages the continuation of Georgia’s efforts to implement the recommendations of the European Commission.

Also, the Romanian legislature emphasises the need for an increased commitment from the EU to ensure peace, stability and security in its Eastern Neighbourhood, as well as in order to develop all dimensions of the connectivity between the countries in the region and the European Union.

The Romanian Parliament reaffirms its support for the advancement of the enlargement process in the Western Balkans based on the merits of the candidates in fulfilling their commitments, their attachment to European values and a clear pro-European strategic option.

According to the draft resolution, the Romanian Parliament reiterates its willingness to co-operate and provide support to the parliaments of the candidate and potential candidate states, for the advancement of the accession processes. Mentioned in the resolution are the right of sovereign countries to decide on their foreign policy and security arrangements in line with their national interests.

The debate of the resolution also takes place as the Romanian Senate’s Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs  Titus Corlatean (Титус Корлъцян ) has suggested the passage of a declaration in support of Georgia’s European journey.

On September 24-27, Chairman of the Georgian Parliament Shalva Papuashvili visited Romania. At a meeting with Chairman of the Romanian Senate Nicolae Ciuca (Николае Чукъ), the Georgian side, by virtue of the strategic partnership, requested the adoption by the Romanian Parliament of a declaration of support for Georgia being granted a candidate to the EU status at the meeting of the European Council before the end of 2023, citing the precedent set by the declaration recently adopted by the Bulgarian Parliament.

The request was brought back up for discussion between October 17-19, when a delegation of the Foreign Policy Committee led by Titus Corlatean, made an official visit to Tbilisi. Corlatean said that it is important to avoid disconnecting Georgia from Ukraine and Moldova in the process of European integration. He called for the passage of a declaration under which Parliament supports the start of EU accession negotiations with Moldova and Ukraine, as well as the granting the candidate status to Georgia.