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Roaming charges between Macedonian citizens and EU countries reduce by up to 30 percent, prices to align as of 2028

Starting from October roaming prices between Macedonian citizens and EU countries will be reduced by 30 percent, Minister of Information Society and Administration, Azir Aliu, told a press conference on Wednesday.

“The agreement signed between EU and Western Balkans operators to reduce roaming data prices within the EU entered into force on October 1. This means that when our citizens and businesses go abroad they spend 30 percent less on roaming fees and vice versa, i.e. when EU citizens and businesses come to North Macedonia they will pay 30 percent less for roaming fees,” Aliu told reporters.

When asked what that would mean in terms of prices, he said prices are the operators’ decision.

“Now we have to wait for the operators to come up with offers and packages, because the agreement was signed between EU and Western Balkans operators,” Aliu added.

He pointed out that activities for further gradual reduction of roaming prices have been defined, adding that in 2026 prices will be reduced by another 30 percent, while in 2028 roaming prices will be aligned with those available on the domestic market.

“This means that in 2028 prices will be the same both inside and outside the country,” Aliu said.

In addition, he said that all operators have agreed to reduce prices, and it is up to them to inform citizens and whether they use campaigns, since it is a matter of the private sector.