Resurrection of the Lord is the feast of feasts, the greatest joy

Resurrection of the Lord is the feast of feasts, the greatest joy, the archbishop of Tomis, Teodosie, from Constanta County, said, adding that, as in previous years, this Easter Feast will come with Light from the sea, in the area of Tomis Port, light that will be distributed to the faithful in the Cathedral Park.

The archbishop added that no matter the weather, the Tomis Port has friendly waves.

“At the Resurrection of the Lord, Light overwhelms darkness and Life conquers death. Therefore, every year, this holiday is renewed and the experiences are specific to each year, each generation enjoys this holiday. (…) The feast was prepared as every year for a period of seven weeks, six weeks of fasting and the Holy Week. The Holy Week is the week full of sacrifice, indeed it precedes the greatest feast,” Teodosie said.

Archbishop Teodosie said that the Feast of Easter must bring truth, light, joy and love to our souls.

At the same time, he wishes the faithful to have a celebration without any trace of sadness.

Archbishop Teodosie wishes the faithful to enjoy “Feasts with Light, with joy, with love and with the fulfillment of each, for the holiday means communion with God. When we have God, everything is complete and nothing is lacking. Christ is Risen! Happy Many happy returns of the day! Blessed Easter meal and may you all feel that life has triumphed and that evil has been overcome! Amen!” the Archbishop of Tomis said.