The Jazz Cave Festival to play in Bucegi National Park over Aug 16 – 18

More than 20 European and overseas bands will participate in the 3rd edition of The Jazz Cave Festival organized in the Bucegi National Park between August 16 – 18.

The event will see performances by formations from Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Azerbaijan, Italy, Ireland, the Netherlands, the U.S.A. and Japan, including artists such as Ava Trio, Yukako Yamano, Nico di Battista, Jesse Davis Quartet, Koszika & Hotshots, Noise Linguistix, Sokol Prekalori, Rain Sultanov & Shahin Novrasli, Irina Sarbu Band, the organizers said in a release.

The concerts will take place on two stages – Pestera Innerland and Zanoaga Dreamland.

Scheduled on the first day of the festival on the Pestera Innerland stage are Catalin Milea – Tetrismatic (Romania) from 13:00; Yukako Yamano (Japan) as of 15:00, and from 17:00 – AVA Trio (the Netherlands).

Opening Theory will perform on the Zanoaga Dreamland stage from 19:00, followed as of 20:00 by Sorina Rotaru and Alex Olteanu, and Soul Serenade as of 21:00.

On August 17, the Pestera Innerland venue will see the recitals of Noise Linguistix (Bulgaria) starting at 11:00, Nico di Battista Duo (Italy) as of 13:00, Groove Garden (Romania) as of 15:00, followed at 17:00 by Sultanov and Shahin Novrasli (Azerbaijan)/Jesse Davis Trio (U.S.).

Performances on the Zanoaga Dreamland stage will start at 19:00 with Koszika and Szasz Csaba, followed by Raim Sultanov and Shahin Novrasli (Azerbaijan) at 20:00, and Andrei Petrache Trio at 21:00.

On the last day of the festival, Aleka & Chris Guilfoyle (Ireland) will perform on the Pestera Innerland stage from 11:00, followed by Koszika & Hotshots (Romania) at 13:00, Irina Sarbu Band (Romania) at 15:00, and by Ovi & Popfolklorica (Romania) as of 17:00.

At the Zanoaga Dreamland venue, Cristi Horia and Sorin Romanescu will play from 19:00, Calin Stamatoiu will take the stage at 20:00, followed by Andrei Irimia Trio as of 21:00.

Set in the naturally dome-shaped Ialomita Cave which amplifies the effect of the music, the concerts offer jazz lovers a multi-pronged experience. Also called the “Cave of the Kings”, Ialomita Cave was known since antiquity and mentioned in numerous historical sources, having a special place in the archaeological and geographical writings, as well as in the exploration of Romanian folklore.

Tickets are available on the Entertix platform for the price of 75 RON per day or 150 RON for all three days. The ticket offers access to concerts and related events in Padina, a visit to the Ialomita Cave and a wine tasting.

Zanoaga Dreamland is located in the Zanoaga mountain campsite, a few hundred meters from the Ialomita Cave, in the forest and in the vicinity of Lake Bolboci, a place where the effect of the music will be amplified by the natural mountain setting. The artists will include members of the audience in their improvised jam sessions, and the concerts here are free of charge.

The participants in the Jazz Cave Festival will be able to visit other important tourist attractions in the Bucegi National Park: the Babele and the Sphinx erosion rock formations, the Tatar Gorges, the commemorative Heroes Cross, Lake Bolboci.

The public can enjoy related activities – itinerant exhibitions, hikes in the Pestera-Padina tourist resort and information and training sessions organized by the Salvaspeo Dambovita Mountain Rescue Team.

The event is organized by the Interpretive Creation Union of Romanian Musicians in partnership with Excess Music.

AGERPRES National News Agency is media partner of the event.