BoG: Over 30 mln tourists in Greece in 2023; receipts up 16.5% compared to 2022

Travel receipts in 2023 totalled 20,593.6 million euros, up by 16.5% compared with 2022, the Bank of Greece said on Tuesday in a final report on 2023.

This development was driven by an 11.6% increase in receipts from residents of the EU27, which stood at 11,169.7 million euros or 54.2% of total travel receipts, and by an 18.3% rise in receipts from other country residents to 8,576.6 million euros.

The year-on-year rise in travel receipts was driven by a 20.8% increase in the number of non-resident inbound travellers, the central bank said, as well as by a rise in average expenditure per overnight stay by 6.9 euros or 8.6%. Inbound tourists in 2023 totaled 30.08 million, against 29.875 million travellers in 2022.