Renewable energy generation seen as a priority in Montenegro

According to the Ministry of Capital Investments, generation of renewable, i.e. clean energy has been and remains Montenegro’s priority, as the country has significant potential in renewable sources such as hydro, solar, wind, and biomass.

At a conference on energy and renewable energy sources in the Western Balkans region, which opened today in Tivat, State Secretary at the Ministry Admir Sahmanovic stated that Montenegro was doing its best to meet its obligations from the Treaty establishing Energy Community and contribute to the development of the regional energy market and its integration into the energy market of the European Union (EU).

In line with such commitment, the goal of the Government is to create conditions for more efficient utilization of domestic energy potentials, especially renewable ones.

“We would like to turn climate and environmental challenges into our opportunities and competitive advantages by ensuring a fair and inclusive transition towards climate neutrality,” said Sahmanovic, presenting some of the projects developed and implemented by Montenegro.

He added that, in line with its energy priorities, Montenegro would continue with the activities aimed at ensuring secure energy supply, developing a competitive energy market, and promoting sustainable energy development, in cooperation with stakeholders who shared the same goals.

Sahmanovic said that the event in Tivat was a good opportunity for representatives of Western Balkan countries, energy companies, international institutions, as well as foreign investors, to discuss opportunities for cooperation and investment in renewable energy sources in the Western Balkans region, with the aim of accelerating green energy transition.