CESEC – Skylakakis: Greece exporter of green energy

The government’s goal is to transform Greece into an exporter and transit hub of green energy to Europe by strengthening energy interconnections and regional cooperation for the benefit of all the countries involved, Environment and Energy Minister Theodoros Skylakakis pointed out, declaring the start of the work of the Ministerial Conference of the countries of Central and South Eastern Europe energy connectivity (CESEC) held in Athens.

Skylakakis underlined that the Greek natural gas network can play an important role in the completion of the vertical supply corridor of Central Europe with natural gas, while in the electricity sector he particularly focused on the development of offshore wind farms in our country, having as first target the 2 gigawatts by 2030.

The crisis, he emphasized, demonstrated the necessity of increasing green energy production as well as the high risk of dependence on one supplier.

European Commissioner for Energy Kadri Simson referred to the important energy infrastructures that have been completed over the last years, noting, among other things, the floating liquefied natural gas station in Alexandroupolis which will further strengthen, as she said, the access of the countries of the region to international markets.

The main priorities presented by the EU Commissioner are the acceleration of the development of renewable energy sources, the construction of new networks and the integration of markets with the aim of diversifying sources and increasing security of supply.

On her part, Deputy Environment and Energy Minister, Alexandra Sdoukou, stressed the importance of regional cooperation as it is difficult for any country to progress alone towards decarbonisation and increasing energy security. “It is possible to set ambitious targets for renewable energy and, combined with market coupling and the development of cross-border interconnections, accelerate the energy transition,” she stated.

The president and managing director of the Independent Power Transmission Operator (IPTO), Manos Manousakis, presented the operator’s investments which, as he noted, contribute to the energy transition not only of Greece but also of the entire EU.