Lukomir village one of the most beautiful villages in Bosnia and Herzegovina

As part of the USAID’s Developing Sustainable Tourism Project in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Association for the Development of Rural Tourism in BiH ‘Alterural’ carried out activities to introduce the international label ‘The Most Beautiful Village’ to preserve the natural and cultural heritage of the villages in Bosnia and Herzegovina and raise awareness of the unique cultural heritage of the villages they have.

The Association “Alterural” and USAID Tourism organized on Wednesday a solemn ceremony to announce the most beautiful villages of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The villages included in the list of the most beautiful villages in BiH on this occasion were Lukomir, which is located on Mount Bjelašnica in the area of Konjic, and Vranduk, which is located in the vicinity of Zenica.

“At a time when we have big plans for a stronger development of tourism in the area of Konjic, every new step and success means a lot to us. Obtaining the international label ‘The most beautiful village’ for Lukomir, which was declared a national monument by the Commission for the Preservation of National Monuments as a cultural landscape in 2009, is of great importance for the further development of rural tourism in the Konjic area,” said Mayor of Konjic, Osman Ćatić.

He stated that, along with the “Welcome to Konjic” project and the establishment of a tourist cluster, as well as the declaration of Konjic as one of the five “Green Destinations Top 100 Stories” for 2023, this latest certificate for Lukomir village is an incentive to create new projects and programs and the development of existing ones, in order to provide quality conditions for engaging in this activity for the local population.

The action “The Most Beautiful Villages in Bosnia and Herzegovina” is supported by the Government of the United States of America through the USAID Project for the Sustainable Development of Tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina and CCFD (France).