European regulatory authorities meet to address disinformation, protection of minors

The role of public media organisations, disinformation, the protection of minors and the use of artificial intelligence are items on the agenda of a meeting of the European Platform of Regulatory Authorities in the area of the audio-visual organised by Romania’s National Audio-Visual Council (CNA), October 19-20, in Bucharest, according to CNA Deputy Chairman Valentin-Alexandru Jucan.

Jucan told AGERPRES on Thursday that discussed at the meeting attended by officials of the members of the European Platform of Regulatory Authorities will be the societal impact of public media organisations and how they should adapt to the new challenges.

He added that he made a presentation of Romanian audio-visual: “We showed the participating countries the reality from which we started and the way in which the public television and the press in Romania had to adapt, wake up and be with the destiny of this country.”

He said that artificial intelligence used in good faith is “a plus for all mankind” and that ways have to be found to verify whether or not artificial intelligence has been used to alter reality. “Artificial intelligence raises the issue of replacing journalism,” added Jucan.

He said that the chairs of the public television channels in Romania and Moldova are among the participants in the meeting.

According to CNA, the 58th edition of the meeting of the European Platform of Regulatory Authorities is taking place for the first time in Romania. Discussed will by mass media and public interest information, the challenges of the media on the digital market, media ownership and transparency, the future of content broadcasting.

“Co-operation of the European regulatory authorities is imperative for improving the regulatory framework of the audio-visual market, for protecting the freedom of expression of journalists amid a rapid development of new types of services and an increasingly acute dissemination of disinformation in the public space,” according to CNA.