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Representatives of Bulgarian Diplomatic Missions, Bulgarian Community in North Macedonia Celebrate Gotse Delchev’s Birth Anniversary

“This year marks the 152nd anniversary of the birth of one of the most beloved revolutionaries. After Levski, Gotse Delchev was one of those revolutionaries who turned their backs on their own ego. Levski and Gotse Delchev were equal to others. They radiated strength and dignity, but they were equal. [They were] people who accepted other people’s way of thinking and the examples of this in the biographies of both are many. And perhaps there is no greater personality than Gotse Delchev to define our [between Bulgaria and North Macedonia] common past. Because his remains are here, in Skopje, and now in Sofia, in Blagoevgrad, and in the city that bears his name – Gotse Delchev there are celebrations in memory of the birth of this great figure,” said Bulgaria’s Ambassador to North Macedonia Angel Angelov during the ceremony.

Gotse Delchev was born on February 4 in 1872 in Kukush [also known as Kilkis]. Thanks to his efforts, the Internal Macedonian-Odrinian Revolutionary Organization (IMORO) attracted courageous men to its ranks and became active in Macedonia and Adrianople Thrace. Gotse Delchev died in battle in 1903 near the village of Banitsa.