Rapid progress in anti-doping, the heads of the World Agency satisfied with the work in Kosovo

Today in the premises of the Kosovo Olympic Committee (KOC) a meeting was held between the heads of this institution and representatives from the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), from the Slovenia Anti-Doping Agency (SloADO) and from the Kosovo Anti-Doping Agency (KosADA).

The director of WADA, Sebastien Gillot, together with the director of SloADO, Janko Dvorsak, held a meeting today with the heads of the KOC, the president Ismet Krasniqi and the general secretary, Besim Aliti, and with the coordinator of KosADA, Bernard Tahirbegolli, KosovaPress reports

For the director of WADA for Europe, Sebastien Gillot, this is his second visit to Kosovo after almost three years, and since that time he said that he has noticed a great progress regarding Anti-Doping in our country.

“It’s a pleasure for me to be back here in Prishtina, in Kosovo, nearly three years after our last visit. We’ve seen a lot of progress being made over the past three years in Anti-Doping in Kosovo. We are still at the end of the process of the establishment of KosADA the national Anti-Doping agency here in the country, and we at the World Anti-Doping Agency are committed to supporting this process the best we can” said Gillot.

Also, Gillot said that KosADA has the full support of the Parliament of Kosovo and the International Olympic Committee, as it is very important to support the authorities to practice the sport as cleanly as possible, which is a mission of WADA in all over the world.

The coordinator of KosADA, Bernard Tahirbegolli, says that anti-doping has made great progress in Kosovo, for which it is important that our athletes compete cleanly, without doping and be equal to all other athletes in the world.

KosADA is the organization designated by the country as the main institution at the national level for anti-doping programs at the country level. In March of last year in our country, respectively in the Assembly of Kosovo, the Anti-doping law was approved, which aims to strengthen the integrity of the sports system, care for the health of sportsmen and women and ensure justice and equal opportunities in sports competitions.