The KLA Epopee, state leaders remember the sacrifice of the Jashari family

The three state leaders together with the members of the government cabinet have paid homage at the “Adem Jashari” Memorial Complex. Osmani, Konjufca and Kurti bowed near the graves of the Jashari family who were killed on March 5, 6 and 7, 1998.

President Vjosa Osmani stated that the Jashari family personifies the highest human sacrifice in history.

“Our eternal commemoration for the commander Adem Jashari and the entire Jashari family who personify the highest human sacrifice that our history has known. The KLA Epopee is the epopee of the pride of our people, it is the epopee that has restored the dignity of our state and above all everything is the Epopee that symbolizes the freedom we enjoy today. Therefore, the Jashari family will remain guides for the current generations, but also for the generations that will come after us. As you can see not only now during the Epopee, but in different periods of the year we have children from schools all over Kosovo who come here not only to learn about the history of Kosovo, but above all to be inspired by the example of the Jashari family, with their bravery and courage and the very fact that they were eager to give everything so that today Kosovo can breathe freely”, said Osmani.

Prime Minister Albin Kurti also said that everyone should come to this place so that the past is not forgotten.

“The self-sacrifice, the self-denial of the Jashari family is the KLA Epopee in the foundations of the liberation of our country, which represents both pain and pride, but also faith and hope for our country. With a bow of respect, a sense of admiration, we are always and eternally grateful to them and grateful to the Jashari family. Glory to the commander Jashari, the Jashari family, the KLA, and all the heroes and martyrs of the nation”, said Kurti.

The Speaker of the Assembly, Glauk Konjufca, said that the sacrifice of Jashari family constitutes the most important events of the nation.

March 5, 6 and 7 is known as the Epopee of the Kosovo Liberation Army, where 59 members of the Jashari family were killed after a three-day resistance.