Port of Saranda, Qendro for ATA: Gateway for 133, 923 travelers in 7 months

The lovely beaches, crystal clear water as well as numerous archaeological and natural monuments of Saranda attract a high number of local and foreign tourists.


One of the main gateways to Saranda is the port, which during this year has processed a high number of travelers.

The director of the Port of Saranda, Alket Qendro, told ATA on Sunday that “for the first 7 months of this year, the increase in passenger processing at the port is estimated at 164.3%, compared to the same period last year.”

“133,923 foreign and Albanian passengers have arrived at the Port of Saranda, and 127,054 passengers have left the port to head for Corfu,” Qendro said.

While the month of July has continued to record a high flow of incoming passengers.

“About 126,008 travelers entered and left the port during July, where specifically 65,347 travelers entered Saranda and 60,661 left it,” Qendro added.

According to him, 4500 travelers are processed every 7 days at the port.

Regarded as the “White City,” Saranda is surrounded by hills and in front of it lies the Greek island of Corfu. In addition to the sun on the beach, Saranda is steeped in history and culture: the castle of Lëkurës looks enchanting, while the Archeological Park of Butrint fascinates many tourists with its thousand-year history.