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11.5 million e-certificates issued in 2 years saving citizens about 13 million Euros

TIRANA, May 3/ATA/ Interior Minister Taulant Balla stated today that in 2 years time, there have been issued about 11.5 million electronic certificates, saving to the citizens about 13 million Euros.

Balla emphasized that, “Since May 1, 2022, the Civil Status service has increased carrying up to 80% of the volume of the online services.”

Speaking at the Committee for Legal Affairs, Public Administration and Human Rights, Balla said that, “The digital revolution of services and also of public administration has started since 2014 and this has also brought about a change in the perception of citizens regarding electronic communication with state institutions.”

“So, if this service had not been in place, citizens would have continued to pay for the certificates ranging from 50 ALL to 200 ALL, while now this is a free service. This does not include millions of hours that the citizens have saved while they had to go to get that certificate or other financial expenses to go to get this service. So this service is offered immediately on your mobile phone or computer”, said Balla.

Balla emphasized that, “The changes we have made are part of Albania’s Digital Agenda, but also of our Action Plan 2022-2026”