Peleshi: Albania, first Balkan country in MFO mission

Albania is the first Balkan country to become part of the “Multinational Force & Observers” mission.
Defense Minister Niko Peleshi appreciated today that, “The MFO mission is very important to ensure implementation of the Peace Treaty between Egypt and Israel”.
“Therefore, in this historical journey, we are confident that our Military Police officers, with their excellent skills, will positively affect regional stability and help prevent violations of the terms of this treaty,” he emphasized.
Peleshi expressed the determination of the Albanian Armed Forces to perform its duties with dedication and high professionalism.
The origins of the MFO lie in Annex I of the 1979 Peace Treaty between Egypt and Israel, in which the parties undertook to ask the UN to provide a force and observers to oversee the implementation of this treaty.
Article II of Annex I to the Treaty of Peace establishes four security zones, three in the Sinai in Egypt and one in Israel along the international border. Limitations on military forces and equipment within each zone are stipulated in Annex I to the Treaty. /m.m/p.s./