‘Polet’ awards presented to exporters that are the drivers of success of BiH economy in the future

The Foreign Trade Chamber of BiH (FTC BH) at a ceremony in Sarajevo presented the “Polet” (DRIVE) awards to the best BiH exporters who, as it was pointed out, guarantee the success of the economy in the future.

According to FTC BiH President Vjekoslav Vuković, there were almost 7,000 companies competing for these awards, of which 45 were nominated in nine categories, and the awards were given to the first among equals.

“The Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina celebrates its 115th anniversary next year, and we wanted this to be a celebration for all of us who work in that business. The drive is actually a synergy of the economic community, the chamber system and a political environment that should create a new, innovative business environment in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is only the first award, the project will continue every year. It will be a dynamic process because the criteria will be changed and adjusted taking into account fluctuations in the market and global trends,” pointed out Vuković.

Sabina Heljić from the company Krivaja – Zavidovići prefabricated house factory said that the years behind them were quite turbulent, but that they managed to meet the challenges and preserve the stability of the company. The “Polet” award was given to them in the industry sector, in the category of medium-sized companies.

“We export to the whole world, and our target market is Europe, mainly England, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, and Croatia, where we always have 20 to 30 percent of our exports,” added Heljić.

When it comes to the industry sector, Aras Consulting from Bihać also received the “Polet” in the category of small companies, and Şişecam Soda Lukavac, in the category of large companies.

The best exporter in the category of medium-sized companies in the service sector is Klika Sarajevo, and Samir Eljazović accepted the award on behalf of the company. Klika is a company from the IT industry and faces, as he said, similar challenges as other companies, but there is always a way to change things and make a breakthrough.

“Bosnia and Herzegovina has young, hardworking and smart people and that is the fact on which the entire IT industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina is based. Our technical faculties are very ‘strong’ and produce exceptional staff who can compete with companies from America, Western Europe and the whole world,” stated Eljazović, adding that they work with top world companies, export and achieve benefits for the wider community as well.

They started the business ten years ago in a rented apartment and have grown from four founders to a company with more than 200 employees that works on almost all continents.