Plenković: First six multipurpose fighter planes will arrive in two and a half months

ZAGREB, 29 Feb (Hina) – Prime Minister Andrej Plenković on Wednesday evening underlined the importance of Croatia’s defense capability and announced that the first 6 fourth-generation multi-purpose fighter jets will arrive in two and a half months.

At a ceremony marling the 35th anniversary of the first presentation of the preliminary draft of the program foundations of the HDZ and the Government, which brought together the highest party officials, Plenković said that ‘few parties that led the democratic changes at that time remained as influential and strong as the HDZ’.

Plenković said it is not easy for the opposition because “how will you politically fight against the euro, Schengen, the Pelješac Bridge, €25 billion of investment in the development of Croatia, the fastest recovery and economic growth among many of our neighbors and the strengthening of Croatian defense capabilities.

According to him, the opposition therefore has only two narratives left – one is that all HDZ members are corrupt thieves, and the other is from those from the right side of the HDZ whose main problem is cooperation with minorities.

Plenković  also said that the HDZ gives the Croatian people ‘certainty and confidence that the state is governed by people who are responsible and serious, who are not exclusive and who will know how to find a solution to every problem’.

He said that the HDZ is still “the key, headquarters, strongest, most responsible party of the Croatian people, anchored in the right center where it was established by Franjo Tuđman”