B2B economic forum, opportunity to bring investments from Saudi Arabia

For the first time, the B2B Economic Forum is being held in Pristina, where about 60 businesses from Saudi Arabia and another 200 from Kosovo are participating, to see the possibilities of doing business. This forum is being organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Kosovo and the Federation of Saudi Chambers of Commerce.

The host of this forum, the president of the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, Lulzim Rafuna stated that a fiscal policy has been built which favors the development of the private sector. Further, he emphasized that this policy makes Kosovo competitive for investments.

The chairman of the Federation of Saudi Chambers of Commerce, Hassan Al, said that there is an urgent need to deepen the commercial exchange between the two countries, since, as he said, the figures are modest.

Even the chairman of the Kosovo-Arab Business Forum, Abdulrahman Al-Mufarreh, said that there is a need to increase trade exchanges.

The Kosovo Chamber of Commerce and the Federation of Saudi Chambers of Commerce have signed a cooperation agreement.