NPCG’s revenues exceed €2 million

According to Prime Minister Dritan Abazovic, revenues of the National Parks (NPCG) have exceeded €2 million for the first time ever, with 80,000 more visitors than in the record-breaking 2019 and as many as 140,000 more than last year.

“NPCG has generated of €2.04 million in revenues until 20 August, which is the company’s all-time record. The level of revenues is incomparable to previous years, being nearly €950,000 higher than in 2019 when they amounted to €1.1 million, and over a million higher than last year when revenues reached €949,000 in the corresponding period,” Abazovic posted on his Facebook account.

He added that a total of 459,500 people had visited Montenegrin national parks this year, nearly 80,000 more compared to the record-breaking 2019, while as many as 140,000 more tickets were sold compared to the previous year.

“What a victory for green Montenegro. Congratulations to the NPCG management led by Vladimir Martinovic, as well as to all the promoters of our country’s natural beauty who have made an immeasurable contribution to such an excellent result,” said Abazovic.

He wished all tourists a pleasant stay in Montenegro.

“We continue with the Montenegro365 campaign, branding Montenegro as a green destination. As mentioned before, breaking the tourism industry record has never been closer! We are on the right track,” Abazovic stated.