Government remains committed to preserving citizens’ living standard

Podgorica, (MINA-BUSINESS) – According to President of Montenegro Jakov Milatovic, it is good that the 44th Government has continued the efforts of its predecessors to protect the standard of living of Montenegrin citizens.

“The Law on Interim Measures for Limiting the Prices of Products of Special Importance for People’s Life and Health, drafted during the term of office of the 42nd Government and adopted during the term of the 43rd Government, has laid the groundwork for limiting the prices of products in cases of serious market disruptions,” Milatovic posted on his account on social network X.

In his opinion, this demonstrates that creating good economic policies enabling the authorities to act promptly is of crucial importance.

He pointed out that the rising prices were one of the biggest problems faced by our citizens.

“The cumulative inflation rate in the past two years has exceeded 20 percent, while food prices have increased up to 40 percent,” Milatovic said.