National Theatre Festival #33 kicks off in Bucharest

Shows from the country and abroad, debates, exhibitions and theater book launches are scheduled between October 20 and 30 within the 33rd edition of the National Theater Festival, which kicks off on Friday in Bucharest.

The offer of this year’s edition of the festival will also include reading performances, creative workshops, evocations, presentations by cultural institutions and projects, meetings and dialogues with guest artists, online events, radio shows, as well as “FITS at FNT” – a focus on the International Theater Festival from Sibiu, which reached its 30th edition this year.

The selection was made from over 150 shows staged in the 2022-2023 season, produced by state and independent theaters from Bucharest and the country.

The official opening of FNT 2023 is scheduled for Friday, at 5:00 p.m., in the Marble Foyer at the I. L. Caragiale National Theater in Bucharest. The event will be followed, at the Ion Caramitru Hall, by the first performance of the guest show “Catarina and the Beauty of Killing Fascists”, written and directed by Tiago Rodrigues, produced by the D. Maria II National Theater in Lisbon, Portugal.

On the first day of the festival, it will also be possible to watch the performances “It’s true, it’s true, it’s true!”, directed by Alexandru Mazgareanu, at the Act Theater, Nunta in Oas/ Wedding in Oas, directed by Cristian Ban, at the Liviu Ciulei Hall of the Bulandra Theatre, “Oh, my sweet earth”, the concept and interpretation of Corinne Jaber, production of the Young Vic Theater, England and the Théâtre de Vidy, Switzerland, at the Studio Hall of the Odeon Theatre.

The exhibition “George Banu / La frontiera cortinei” by Oana Maria Cajal will be open from Friday and the mounting will take place on Sunday, at Sala Coloane at ARCUB and can be visited until October 30.

On Saturday, in the foyer of the Studio Hall at the Odeon Theater, the Chairs caricature exhibition, signed by Marius Damian, will be opened. It includes over 200 works collected during the years 2020-2023 and dedicated to the people of the stage, be they actors, directors, stage designers, critics, composers, personalities, and can be visited until October 31.

The Austrian Cultural Forum presents at the FNT the exhibition of theater photography “Vienna’s loan gods, hardened witnesses” by photographer Christine de Grancy, about the theatricality and symbols of Viennese architecture. The exhibition will be opened on Sunday, in the presence of the author and its curator, the actress Mercedes Echerer, and can be visited until November 5.

From October 24, the Austrian Cultural Forum presents in the Foyer of the Majestic Hall of the Odeon Theatre, the exhibition “Theatres made by Fellner & Helmer” which can be visited until November 5.

During the festival, there will also be a book fair, a real marathon of launches and presentations of new editorial products in the field of performing arts, with meetings, discussions, questions and answers. The proposed editorial appearances include dramaturgy, novels, essays, chronicles, portraits of famous creators, love stories, etc. It will also be the first book translated in Romania about the famous choreographer Pina Bausch.

Separated from the marathon fair, but with an editorial novelty, is the tribute event in memory of the great actress Clody Bertola, whose birth has recently been 110 years old.