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MoCA to present 6th ‘All that We Have in Common’ group show

The 6th “All that We Have in Common” international group exhibition will open at the Museum of Contemporary Arts and run through March 20, 2024.

This year’s “All that We Have in Common” art show covers a range of themes including global conflicts, gender exploitation, colonialism, racism, inhumane treatment of migrants, animal cruelty, health crises, and individual and collective states of vulnerability and fragility that produce unequal dynamics of power, violence and harm to marginalized individuals, organizers said.

The exhibition was curated by Jovanka Popova. On display will be works by Darko Aleksovski (North Macedonia), Meriem Bennani (Morocco/USA), Orian Barki (Israel/USA), Jakup Ferri (Kosovo/Netherlands), Igor Grubic (Croatia/Italy), Kapwani Kiwanga (Canada/France), Ilija Prokopiev (North Macedonia/Slovenia), Zorica Zafirovska (North Macedonia), Driant Zeneli (Albania/Italy), and Lana Cmajcanin (Bosnia and Herzegovina/Austria).

“The exhibition emphasizes both the suspicion toward the absolutism of anthropocentrism as a massively powerful concept and toward the specific histories of injustice it hides. Politically and emotionally, it reveals the complex intersecting webs of vulnerability and guilt that exist among us, other species, and humans of the past, present, and future,” the Museum of Contemporary Arts press release says.

“In this so-called shock of anthropocentrism, artists contemplate the generation of new political arguments, new narratives, new languages and new ways of artistic engagement, for an urgent rethinking of human and non-human life beyond the established standards of valuation and behavior,” it adds.

“All that We Have in Common” has been financially supported by the Ministry of Culture and Tikvesh Winery.