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Museum of North Macedonia hosts exhibition and symposium ‘The House That Is Falling Apart’

The Museum of North Macedonia is hosting on June 27-29 an international exhibition and symposium entitled ‘The House That Is Falling Apart’, produced by the Faculty of things that can’t be learned – FRU as part of the project “We don’t want to be stars (but parts of constellations)” co-funded by the European Union.
According to the organizers, the exhibition and the symposium The House That Is Falling Apart broadly speak about the politics of space and changes in the cities relational to different interests of power structures, and the manifestation towards shared heritage, as well as the cities’ identity of collectivity and care – mutual and interdependent.
The exhibition, set to open on Thursday, is the result of the endeavours of three artists – Winnie Herbstein (Glasgow/Amsterdam), Filip Jovanovski (Bitola/Skopje) and Anu Vahtra (Tallinn), in collaboration with the curator Ivana Vaseva from Skopje.
For the exhibition ‘The House That Is Falling Apart’, they all accepted the role of the decolonizing flâneuse, in three week residencies in Skopje, using strolling and critical observing as tools of researching on these specificities.
On Friday (June 28), day one of the symposium, Ola Hassanain (Khartoum/ Amsterdam) will hold a lecture. Hassanain, in her work, is focusing on developing spatial literacy through the idea of “space as discourse”. The lecture will be followed by a discussion with Marjoca de Greef and Anastasija Pandilovska (Amsterdam) from the organisation “Suns and Stars”, and Ivana Vaseva (Skopje), a curator, researcher, and program director of the organisation Faculty of things that can’t be learned – FRU, co-curator of the AKTO Festival for Contemporary Arts and curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Skopje.
Day one of the event will wrap up with film screenings of Ingel Vaikla’s ‘Papagalo, What’s The Time?’ and ‘Moi aussi, je regarde’, as well as Felix Melia’s ‘Money for Nothing’. The film screenings will be followed by short conversation with the artists Ingel Vaikla and Felix Melia. There will also be a film screening of Harun Farocki’s ‘The Creators of Shopping Worlds’ and ‘In Comparison’.
Day two of the symposium, on Saturday (June 29), will see THE CITY IS PUBLIC – Public Rehearsal – a collective performative tour of the city of Skopje with a guide as part of the Laboratory for Performative Space Research THE CITY AS A STAGE.