Montenegro for years among top ten countries with most pronounced obesity problem

Montenegro is faced with the overweight and obesity problem, and in order to prevent early illness and death associated with this chronic disease, prevention is key, said the doctor at the Public Health Institute (IJZ) Borko Bajic.

The data of the World Health Organization’s survey, in which Montenegro has been participating since 2015, has proved that the situation is alarming, demonstrating that Montenegro is consistently among the top ten European countries that have a more pronounced problem with pre-obesity and obesity. Children aged seven and eight participate in these standardized measurements.

“The WHO’s projections and of other very important addresses, show that, if some actions are not taken very quickly in each individual country, we will have a really big problem in terms of early illness and preventable dying”, said Bajic in interview Parents ask, carried out by the Parents Association and the MINA News Agency.

According to Bajic, this will create great pressure and burden to the health system, which will no longer be able to withstand such a large number overweight and obesity related conditions.

He said that in 2015 IJZ joined the WHO measurements for the first time, adding that among 36 countries that took part, Montenegro took the fourth or fifth position in regard to pre-obesity and obesity related problems.

Bajic warned that more than half of pre-obese or obese children aged seven or eight tend to be obese later in life, and this entails the risk of heart disease, lung disease, and diabetes.