Hamas don’t want dialogue, we must work for hostages – Tajani

Hamas don’t want dialogue but Israel and the West must continue to negotiate to get Israeli hostages released, Deputy Premier and Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani said Friday.

Speaking to Radio24 after Hamas killed three Israelis in a raid into Israel Thursday, Tajani said “in these hours there has sadly been a worsening of the situation between Israel and Hamas”.

He said that “after the ceasefire we hoped that it could be prolonged, we all insisted that there should be a few more days, to allow aid into civilians in Gaza.

“But clearly Hamas with yesterday’s attack and this morning’s launch of rockets has decided to clearly communicate that there is no possibility of dialogue.

“But now we must continue to work because there are signs that there can still be dialogue thanks to Qatar.

“The international dialogue continues but it isn’t easy, let’s hope that we can resolve the hostage question”.