Milatovic: Savnik has a great tourism potential

Podgorica, (MINA-BUSINESS) – President of Montenegro Jakov Milatovic has said that the Municipality of Savnik has a great tourist potential and is a suitable investment area for considerable development of ethno, adventure, and medical tourism.

“With its surrounding mountains, three rivers and canyons, rich biodiversity, and pristine nature, Savnik has tremendous tourist potential. A healthy environment, domestic and organic agricultural products, clean water, kind and friendly hosts, make it a suitable investment area for significant development of ethno, adventure, and medical tourism,” stated Milatovic in his congratulatory message on the occasion of the Savnik Municipality Day.

He believes that the Municipality of Savnik is set to experience economic and social progress by creating a favourable business environment, making ecological and sustainable investments, investing in education, strengthening rural areas and agricultural production, improving road and water infrastructure, as well as developing and diversifying the tourism products.

“In this way, new jobs would be created, preventing the emigration of young people and enabling the employment of the local population. That is precisely our ultimate goal – to contribute to raising the standards and quality of life for the people in our country,” stated Milatovic.

He also stated that collectively, through vision, knowledge, and hard work, this generation was obligated to leave a better society for the future – a society of peace, prosperity, and equal opportunities for all.

Milatovic addressed his congratulatory message to the citizens of Savnik, Mayor Jugoslav Jakic, President of the City Council Nadezda Kotlica and members of the City Council.