Protection of child and family rights in Government’s focus

Minister of Finance Novica Vukovic has said that the Government will focus on protection of child and family rights, through consistent implementation of social, educational, and healthcare policies, along with the adequate allocation of financial resources to safeguard these rights.

According to a press release issued by the Ministry of Finance, Vukovic expressed the Ministry’s unequivocal support for this process at a meeting with the UNICEF Representative to Montenegro, Juan Santander.

Vukovic stated that, alongside salaries, budget allocations for social welfare were among the highest, adding however that these funds were often not directed to those in greatest need, nor was the process sufficiently transparent.

He stated that the reform of the social and child protection system was, therefore, one of the most challenging yet socially responsible tasks that the government would actively undertake in the coming months.

Santander underscored the importance of program-based budgeting to ensure adequate funding for laws and national policies developed on the basis of data on the state of children’s rights in the country.

“UNICEF will continue to support the Government to ensure that sufficient funds from the state budget are allocated for quality education, healthcare, child protection, and social services for children and their families,” stated the press release.

Santander mentioned that the Government of Montenegro was the most significant investor in education, health, children’s, and social protection.