Milatovic: Montenegro is incomparably freer society today

Podgorica, (MINA) – With all government’s flaws that came with the 2020 changes, Montenegro is incomparably freer society, said Montenegrin president Jakov Milatovic.

Former president Milo Djukanovic said on Tuesday that the current government in Montenegro didn’t tolerate critical though and that it was taking on the charateristics of dictatorship, totalitarianism and repression.

Milatovic tweeted that “the former president of Montenegro has reminded us of the time of “freedom of thought and publicly expressed critic” during his several-decade long autocracy”.

“Not even a word about the attacks on journalists, constructing the affairs against critically oriented NGO leaders, persecution of political opponents, arrests of the citizens for commenting on social media”, said Milatovic.

According to him, along with all these flaws of the governments after 2020, the only certain thing was that Montenegro was now incomparably freer society.