Marinakis: Greece in top 20 of Economist Intelligence Unit’s Democracy Index

Government spokesperson Pavlos Marinakis at a press conference on Thursday, referred to Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ speech in the Parliament’s plenary debate on equality in civil marriage for same sex couples.

“Equality in civil marriage has been legislated for in 36 countries in the world, 20 of them in Europe. Legislating for equality in the civil marriage automatically means the implementation of the whole legislative framework governing family relations, including adoption, which has been legislated and is applied in 39 countries in the world, of which 23 are in Europe and 16 are EU member-states,” he said.

Marinakis also said that, according to the Democracy Index of the Economist Intelligence Unit, Greece moved upwards for the first time since 2010. Greece has moved up to 20th place in the list and transitioned from a “flawed democracy” to a “full democracy” in the EIU rankings.

The government spokesperson also announced that the prime minister will be in Munich, Germany on Friday, February 16, to take part in the International Security Conference.