Peles and Pelisor Castles, ready to be included on World Heritage List

Minister of Culture Raluca Turcan announced on Tuesday on Facebook that she is preparing the inclusion of Peles and Pelisor castles in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

“I had a first discussion at the headquarters of Ministry of Culture with representatives of the National Heritage Institute, the Peles National Museum and the Casa Majestatii Sale Association – the Royal House with whom I established a working group to meet the procedural requirements for the inclusion in Romania’s Tentative List for the UNESCO World Heritage List, from the identification of the management and management capacity, to the exact definition of the perimeters, to the fulfilment of the conditions of authenticity and integrity and the criteria of outstanding universal value. The Peles and Pelisor Castles are not only authentic, exceptional historical monuments, but also living destinations reflecting contemporary national identity. They function as museums, bringing history and culture to the fore in an interactive and accessible way,” Raluca Turcan said.

According to the source, “The royal residences in Sinaia impress with their beauty and architectural significance, representing a reference point for Eastern Europe. Their exceptional value deserves to be recognized by UNESCO through inclusion in the World Heritage List (…) We will also initiate collaborations with other institutions with direct or indirect attributions on the Royal Estate of Sinaia in order to ensure the quality standards required for inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage List.”