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Life-saving surgery in eastern Türkiye: Doctors successfully treat patient with ruptured heart wall

In a groundbreaking medical intervention, doctors at a hospital in Türkiye’s eastern province of Erzurum have employed an innovative surgical technique to rescue the life of a 65-year-old patient suffering from a diagnosed ruptured heart wall.

The patient, Selim Tokay, faced a critical situation after suffering a heart attack, leading to a rupture in the heart wall.

Initially treated at the State Hospital in the eastern province of Bingol for a heart attack, Tokay was subsequently referred to Ataturk University Research Hospital in Erzurum due to the complexity of his condition.

Doctor Gokhan Ceyhun, Associate Professor in the Department of Cardiology at Ataturk University Medical Faculty, led the medical team and adopted a unique approach to address the life-threatening situation.

Given the high risk associated with open-heart surgery due to the extent of the rupture, Ceyhun opted for an alternative method. Drawing inspiration from a technique used for congenital heart defects, the team modified the procedure to suit Tokay’s specific case.

The surgery involved intervening in the region of the heart rupture using a technique similar to closing a hole in the heart present from birth.

Speaking to Anadolu, Ceyhun explained that the patient’s condition was critical, with disruptions in kidney, liver, and lung functions.

Upon patients and their relatives accepting the risks, the medical team decided to take the risk, as, without intervention, the patient faced a high likelihood of death within a few days.

This case will be published in international literature, Ceyhun said, adding when we looked at previous cases, there is no literature data from Türkiye, and most tried cases resulted in fatalities.

Also, expressing his gratitude, Tokay said: “I am very happy. Thanks to Doctor Ceyhun, I have returned to life. We are so grateful to our doctors and hospital staff.”

The patient’s son, Mehmet Tokay, echoed his appreciation for the medical team, saying they “revived our father, gave us hope. We trusted them, and they succeeded.”